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Perched in the tip of beautiful Alameda and Bay Farm Islands, the city of Alameda, California is only a hop, skip and jump across the Bay Bridge over the blue waters of the San Francisco Bay to the city of San Francisco. Alameda is Oakland’s neighbor to the south, separated by the skinny inlet called the Oakland Inner Harbor. Just north of Oakland, less than ten short miles from Alameda, lies the diverse and fascinating city of Berkeley. Alameda has a strong historic element, and the attractive community attracts lovers of the ocean and water sports such, as well as wind and kite surfing.

Home Improvement Stores in Alameda

Being on the cusp of big-city Oakland is handy for residents of Alameda, who only have to cross the waters for the nearest Home Depot store. Within the city limits, however, are many good sources for home improvement products and weekend repairs warriors. Compo Clay at 2536 Santa Clara Avenue (510-769-5179), for example, is a good resource center for green building solutions. Allied Concrete is well known in Alameda, located at 1516 Oak Street (510-7499-6704). Try Pagano’s Hardware Mart in Alameda at 1100 Lincoln Avenue (510-522-1345), for just about all of your home improvement needs. Need tile? You can get it at Cal Tile on 1713 Park Street (510-749-9932) in the heart of Alameda.

Prominent Contractors in Alameda

Contractors abound in bustling Alameda, California. Try Carroll Construction, located at 1504 Park Street (510-523-1968); Aaron Construction, at 2504 Santa Clara Avenue (510-521-2861); Ore Cal Construction, at 2305 Santa Clara Avenue (510-86401527); and Goodale General Builders, at 1616 Concordia Street, between Pacific Avenue and Lincoln Avenue) 510-205-5862. This last contractor has a consistent five-star rating online, and is well-known as a good resource for a vast array of different contracting services. Harmony Tile and Marble also reels in excellent ratings, and can be found at 1157 Broadway D in Alameda (510-735-7663).

Alameda is an island community located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay. With its Victorian homes and tree-lined streets, this suburban-feeling city has a population of just 72,000 (2000 census) and a total land area of 23 square miles. The median income is approximately $71,000 (2007 estimate) and a full 27% of households have children under the age of 18 living at the home. Because of it’s proximity to the Bay, Alameda attracts a lot of kite flyers and wind surfers.

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When it comes to waste disposal, Alameda is a shining example of a job well done. I’ll explain, but first let’s clarify that this is specific to the city of Alameda. Alameda County is comprised of many great cities, but again, our focus here is the city of Alameda. So what have they done that is so outstanding?…. Read on.

Alameda is one of the very few cities to have banned styrofoam food containers. When you go to restaurants and get the food to go, so often it’s returned to you in a styrofoam container which is generally not recycled. Technically styrofoam is recyclable, but rarely does it ever actually make it anywhere but the local landfill or garbage dump.

The reason for this is because styrofoam doesn’t recycle well and the process of doing so is very difficult. For this reason most recycling companies don’t feel it’s worth taking on styrofoam recycling in their lineup. It’s simply inefficient and not worth the money or effort for the small percentage of reuse you’d actually get.

Alameda implemented this initiative in mid 2008 in an effort to reduce the quantity of waste going into local landfills. So far the program has been remarkably successful. Furthermore, Alameda has also implemented the three-bin system to make it easier for resident to easily identify proper waste disposal requirements. You may already be familiar, but if you’re not here’s a recap:

  • The Blue Bin is for recyclables (glass, plastics, paper)

  • The Green Bin is for compostables (yard clippings and organic waste)

  • Trash, waste and others that don’t fit in the above three.

Special circumstances apply to the following:

  • Batteries and Fluorescents

  • Electronic Waste

  • Household Hazardous

  • Motor Oil

Be sure to call the city and learn how you can properly dispose of this trash to keep Alameda clean.

In the meantime, enjoy this very cute and clever video to learn about Alameda’s waste and recycling programs.