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About Brentwood

The Contra Costa County city of Brentwood, California is nicely situated just a glance away from Big Break, one of the many watery inroads made by the East San Francisco Bay. Fast-burgeoning Brentwood’s 2010 census counted a population of just over 50,000.Once known as a premier Central California farming community, Brentwood is today still a force for agriculture in the verdant area, growing such delectable’s as peach, cherry and corn. The area is, however, gradually becoming more residential, with its suburbs now home to more real estate than orchards and farms.

Home Improvement Stores in Brentwood

The rapidly growing city of Brentwood, California has its own Home Depot at 5631 Lone Tree Way (925-513-6060), and there are a number of other such home improvement stores in the next-door communities, mere minutes away. The Moulding and Door Shop can be found at 550 Valdry Court #4 in the heart of Brentwood on the north edge of South Brentwood Villages (925-513-0322). This interesting company is a one-stop shopper’s haven for everything from baseboard to door casing to specialty chair rails. Big B Lumber is a big-time supplier at 6600 Brentwood Boulevard (925-634-2442) as well.

Prominent Contractors in Brentwood

An abundance of contractors, builders and construction specialists dot the map of Brentwood, California. Among them you will find Sawatzky Builders, Inc., located at 830 Camino Diablo (925-354-9419); American Construction, at 161 Chestnut Street (925-516-5800); HQ Construction & Maintenance at 1st Street Livermore (925-634-2006); and Brentwood Plumbing, at 3859 Walnut Boulevard (925-516-2772). Specialists include Larry R. Groves (925-634-5425), who know everything about lawn sprinkler systems; Ideal Solar Company (925-513-4704); Water Well Drilling & Pump Services (925-679-5952); Kitchen Bath and Roof Remodeling Experts (424-219-7111), whose name says it all; and Aaa Coverstar Safety Company (925-240-0054), who can help you get the right electronic pool covers.

Brentwood is a growing suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s roots are as a farming community, formed in the late 1800s on land owned by John Marsh. The community was named after Marsh’s home town in Essex, England. As of 2010, the city had a population of about 50,000 people and covered about 11.6 square miles. Although the city’s population is growing, it is still marked by rolling hills and known for it’s agricultural goods including peaches, corn and cherries.

All American Hauling offers full services in the city of Brentwood and would be happy to provide an immediate estimate for your hauling and garbage removal needs.  Give Bryan a call (the phone number is listed at the top of the page) to discuss the specifics of your situation.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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The city of Brentwood and Bryan Bell of All American Hauling have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship. As a city that for the past couple decades has been experiencing tremendous growth, it also runs into the challenge of increased post-construction clean-up, commercial waste hauling, and of course, more residential garbage removal needs.

All of the above mentioned services and more are offered by All American Hauling, but it is important to note that the city of Brentwood also has a strong Public Works program in place.
Residents and businesses alike should be able to appreciate and benefit from the cities guide to garbage, waste and recycling, but don’t worry; if you don’t have time to download and read through it, here’s the important parts summarized…

There are three bins as you know. Each caters to different disposal needs.
The Blue Bin – The most important of the bins in my opinion, this is the recycling bin. In it you can throw everything from paper products, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles and containers, etc…

The Green Bin – This bin is for yard waste and clippings, and I generally think of it as the “growing things” bin. Basically plant life that grows goes in here. This means, flowers, tree trimmings, cactus, veggies, weeds, straw, wood chips and most vegetation. It’s important to note that tree trunks, stumps and bamboo do not go in this bin. Also note that rocks, dirt and sod are not “living” things and should not be considered yard waste. These require professional haulers.

The Brown Bin – Everything that doesn’t go in the above two bins goes here. While this bin has the largest list of what can go in it, it’s also the one we hope will be the least full. Garbage from these brown bins is hauled off to the dumps where it is disposed of in landfills. CDs, mirrors, Styrofoam and other such trash are deposited here.

A few other items to consider with more information available in the Brentwood Solid Waste guide include the below items. Refer to the pdf for all the details.

  • Composting

  • Recycling Service Schedule

  • Brentwood’s Annual City Clean-up Event

  • Missed Trash Pick-Ups

  • Illegal Dumping (reporting)

  • Household Hazards & Hazardous Waste

  • E-waste

  • Bio-hazard & Medical Waste