Concord Junk Removal

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About Concord

Concord is the largest of Central California’s verdant Contra Costa County’s communities. Once known as Todos Santos, or All Saints, Concord still exhibits a notable Hispanic influence, particularly around the southwest neighborhood called Four Corners. The good-sized city, with 122,067 inhabitants as of 2010, occupies a pleasant region just below Suisun Bay. This area is inland from Berkeley and Oakland by less than twenty miles, and just a short hop across either the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge or the Oakland Bay Bridge will put Concord commuters in either San Rafael or San Francisco, near the majestic waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Recycling Options

Concord Recycling Center, located at 1320 Galaxy Way, Concord, CA 94520, is one of the best local centers for recycling. CRC has been in the area for over 20 years and offers a number of recycling services. Prices will vary, but their services include:
  • CRV (bottles/cans) – Note, they must be cleaned to be accepted, so be sure to wash them out first!
  • Non-CRV Plastics – This is a broad category including items like grocery, shopping, and garbage bags, as well as some of the tricky recyclables such as ePolypropylene, Polystyrene, backyard playgrounds, and even old clothing (yes, old clothing can be recycled!).
  • E-Waste – The fees here may vary greatly, but almost anything electronic will be accepted here. The most common items received include Computers, PC, Laptop, Towers, CPU, TV’s, Monitors, Screens, Cellphones, Video game consoles, Mice, Keyboards, Printers, Fax Machines, Copy Machines & Components, Motherboards, Video Cards, RAM, Vacuums, Microwaves, Hair dryers, and much more…
  • Metals – Most types, shapes, and applications are accepted. Commonly recycled metals include aluminum, copper, and steel.
  • Paper – From phonebooks to office files to newspapers and magazines, if it’s paper, it’s usually recyclable.
Concord Recycling Center can be reached at (925) 689-3900, or you can call us. When we bring items in for recycling, we give you a flat quote for everything, and what cannot be recycled, isn’t returned to you, but brought to the dump and disposed of properly.

Home Improvement

Of the many home improvement stores that decorate the Concord, California map, 90% are situated along the western border of the city, either near I-680 or the major thoroughfare called Diamond Boulevard. Concord’s Home Depot is located at 2090 Meridian Park Boulevard (925-798-9600), near the city’s post office and Waterworld California. Lowe’s Home Improvement lies just outside the north California Delta Highway boundary of Concord at 1935 Arnold Industrial Way (925-566-99000), and California Home Pro is just north of there at 4085 Nelson Avenue (925-521-1220). Many home improvement specialists are also found within the city, including Window World of East Bay and Fregosi & Company Paints, Inc.

Prominent Contractors in Concord

The healthy city of Concord requires abundant contractors and construction companies to keep everything growing steadily and smoothly. Some contractors, such as Bestoff Windows & Construction at 1310 Monument Boulevard, Suite E (800-439-1449), specialize in certain home upgrading services, and some, such as Rd’s Service Contractor at 4406 Willow Glen Court (925-680-1161), provide a cornucopia of related services. Other five-star Concord contractors include Tib’s European Quality Construction, located at 1195 Court Lane (925-935-3752); High Performance Heating & Air at 1647 Willow Pass Road, Suite 252(925-687-6887); and The Grout Expert on Solano Way (800-2996-8056), open six days a week from 9 to 5.

Concord is located in California just 31 miles east of San Francisco and is the largest city in Contra Costa County.  The cultural center of the city is Todos Santos Plaza, encompassing a full city block and featuring a farmers market as well as free summer concerts and a host of local restaurants.

All American Hauling offers a full spectrum of junk and garbage removal services in Concord, including commercial debris, concrete, demolition and traditional waste removal.  Call Bryan to discuss the specifics and get a free estimate over the phone.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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We are all responsible for our trash, no matter how small or big it is. If your trash is too much for you to carry or too heavy for your truck, a commercial waste removal company might help.

Concord, California has many hauling services available. Therefore, researching where to look for the most appropriate service can appear as a very arduous and confusing task.

To lessen your confusion, here are some questions and answers on how to look for a commercial garbage removal service:


Q: Is it residential or commercial garbage?
Residential garbage generally is a smaller load and is often the result of a trash-out following a significant event. This often includes moving, remodeling, a death in the family or other such instance.

A: Commercial trash-outs are usually more substantial. The amount of garbage thrown is three-five times larger than residential garbage and often includes larger items.

Q: Is it temporary or permanent?

A: Temporary dumpsters are small or large roll-off containers often 10-20 yards long and are used for short or long term projects with a steady trash flow. Eventually, the dumpster is removed.

Permanent dumpsters are often small because we are in contract with the dumpster rental service on a constant basis (weekly, monthly, etc).

Q: How much garbage do you have?

A: Determine how much trash do you expect to have. Try not to rent a dumpster that is more than what you’ll require. Doing so can waste money. The most common size dumpsters are:

1 – 9 yards
Small dumpsters often used for permanent dumpster rental. This is only for common everyday waste because the size of the dumpster is small.

10 yard
A 10-yard dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of waste. This is preferred if for smaller loads of trash.

20 yard
20-yard dumpsters can hold 20 cubic yards of waste. Perfect for small remodeling projects.

30 yard
This can hold up to 30 cubic yards of waste. Recommended for construction of homes and demolition of small structures or buildings.

40 yard
Holds 40 cubic yards of waste. This is for large waste projects coming from demolition, commercial or residential building. If you are unsure, commercial hauling services can estimate the proper dumpster for your trash needs.


The price of garbage dumpster rental varies based on the amount of trash that you are about to throw. Permanent dumpsters cost less but you will typically be asked to sign into a contract. Permanent garbage disposal rentals are best for long-term waste removal.

Temporary garbage disposal rentals are for short-term use, such as disposal of waste from home remodeling projects.

The price of the service is more expensive if you rent a service outside your area. Try and rent from a local service provider.