El Cerrito Junk Removal


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About El Cerrito

The splendid city of El Cerrito lies sandwiched between Richmond Inner Harbor, just beyond the two north-west freeways that form the city’s western border, and Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, an enormous green space which demarks most of the city’s eastern edge. One of the many communities that make up California’s magnificent Contra Costa County, El Cerrito is nicely situated between Richmond to the north and Berkeley to the south of town. The city enjoys a pleasant sized population of about 24,000 souls, one of whom, Larissa Kelly, was Jeopardy’s all-time champion among female contestants.

Recycling & Environmental Resources

El Cerrito has made significant efforts to improve and perpetuate it’s progress as a leading Bay Area green city.  One of it’s most notable achievements was being awarded LEED Platinum certification.

The El Cerrito Recycling Center is located at 7501 Schmidt Ln. and can be reached by phone at 510-215-4350.  They have a great and concise web page and an exchange program for sharing used goods.  The list is long and includes:

  1. Art and office supplies

  2. Corks:  barrel for corks

  3. Garden pots – reusable plastic and ceramic pots, planters.

  4. Hangers: bin for metal, plastic, or wooden clothes hangers

  5. Houseware: plates, cups, utensils, small appliances.

  6. Media: Bins for Books, Magazines, CDs

  7. Office Supplies: notebooks, paper, clips, pens, binders in good condition, etc.

  8. Reading glasses

  9. Sporting goods

  10. Small household items

  11. Tools and hardware

  12. Toys and games

Home Improvement Stores in El Cerrito

Lucky El Cerrito locals have their own Home Depot to shop at for all their weekend warrior home improvement needs. Visited by many of its Contra Costa neighbors, this big box store can be found at 11939 San Pablo Avenue (510-235-0800). Other good bets for home improvement supplies include Pastime Ace Hardware, at 10057 San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito (510-526-6615); East Star Building Supply, located at 11896 San Pablo Avenue (510-237-6698); Star Building Supply, at 11896 San Pablo Avenue (510-237-6698); and that ubiquitous hardware store, always a life-saver, Orchard Supply Hardware, located at 44 Vine Street, their new location (510-234-9818).

Prominent Contractors in El Cerrito

Builders in El Cerrito are the salt of the earth and fulfill not only the contracting needs of their own town, but those of many communities thereabouts. Check out Josh Tomlinson at Dialogue Design-Build, a highly recommended contractor at 3020 El Cerrito Plaza, Suite 539 (510-325-1917); Eco Logical Builders for construction, located at 1505 Liberty Street in El Cerrito (415-823-5525); Keen Builders, Plumbers and Consultants, to be found at 1503 South 56th Street (510-525-6132); Bruckner Building Company (510-593-6122); Watson Facilities Services, at 6719 Portola Drive (510-647-8390); and Above & Beyond Construction at 6331 Fairmount Avenue (510-232-4222).

El Cerrito is located along the 80 freeway, just north of Berkeley and Albany. The community is known for its civic involvement and boasts a pleasant climate, stable neighborhoods, excellent access to public transit and freeways and less than 30 miles from two major airports. The city has numerous parks and a variety of recreational facilities for its population of 23,000. El Cerrito is also known for its well-educated residents. An estimated 70% of adults have attended college.

All American Hauling offers full services in the El Cerrito area including garbage and junk removal, demolition and clean-up. Please contact us for a free estimate. We answer our phone and are happy to discuss the specifics of your situation right away.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

Proudly Serving Contra Costa and Alameda Counties


El Cerrito is a city that cares about it’s trash, garbage and waste removal systems. This is because El Cerrito is keeping at the forefront of the recycling revolution in order to maintain itself as one of the Bay Area’s cleanest cities. Just take a look at the concept picture for the new recycling center being built…

Most people are getting pretty good at the garbage game. We all know about the three bins and composting. We know that oils shouldn’t go down the sink and that motor oil needs to be contained and properly disposed of… but where? Well it turns out many people have so much trash and among it, chemicals, old batteries and other waste items with less clearly defined methods of responsible waste procedures.

When you find this is the case, turn to El Cerrito’s #1 waste removal specialist – Bryan Bell of All American Hauling. This hauling company has garbage removal down pat. They know what needs to be recycled, what to donate, and they know where do dispose of chemicals such as oil, old radiator fluid and other messy and environmentally harmful products.

Keeping our city clean means keeping your home clean. If your yard is full of junk or looks like a complete mess, consider having a hauling company like All American Hauling come out, collect all your junk and take it to the dump. There’s no reason to live in a home full of trinkets you haven’t used in a decade. Many hoarders live their lives surrounded by stuff that they’re certain “they’re going to need” until the day they die. It’s horrible. They lose their homes to the piles of stuff they collect. Even if they did need something, they’ve probably forgotten that they even have it at all.

And to cap off the point I was making, living in a clean and neat home is not only great for you, but your neighbors tend to appreciate the community looking better. After all, every house on the block affects the prices of it’s neighbors and we need all the value we can get these days!