El Sobrante Junk Removal

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About El sobrante

One of the interesting things about El Sobrante, California is that it’s what’s known as a “census-designated place.” This refers to a community that has been labeled a CDP by the Census Bureau for the purposes of tracking statistics. CDP’s have no municipal government and are not incorporated, though they may resemble incorporated cities and towns. In the 2010 census, El Sobrante, California turned in a population count of just under 12,700. El Sobrante is a pleasant area just east of I-80, which separates it from the sparkling San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay’s northern counterpart.

Make your home a “Green Home”

There are many benefits to going green and these days more and more Americans are making the effort to move toward green living.  By greening your home, you make going green something you don’t even have to think much about, and there are many benefits to yourself as well as the environment.

Here’s our quick guide to creating a green home(without the use of paint):

  1. Get rid of your old incandescent bulbs and switch to energy-saving, long-life bulbs.

  2. Rinse/Wash your recyclables before throwing them in the bin – yes, it actually makes a difference.

  3. Stop using disposable water bottles.  Whether you buy a water filter or start using a reusable water bottle, minimizing the use of disposable water bottles is HUGE in the effort to reduce wastefulness.

  4. Do Not Throw Out Batteries.  These are terrible for the environment and they can be recycled by dropping them off at Best Buy, Whole Foods, Staples, and more.

  5. Stop cleaning with paper towels and start using reusable towels.

  6. Minimize use of the A/C – it uses tons of energy and doesn’t need to run all day when you’re away at work.

  7. Stop accepting the paper cups from Starbucks and other coffee retailers. Bring your own reusable cup.  The ones they provide are only made with about 5% recycled product and despite popular belief, they’re not recyclable.

  8. Turn off the heat before bed.  Wear socks, use an extra blanket, or just give it a week and your body will re-learn to regulate it’s own temperature.  No need to burn 8 hours of energy while you’re not even conscious to enjoy it.

  9. Move from chemical cleaning products to more natural ones.  Even ammonia is bad for the environment.

  10. Shorten your shower.  Yeah, we love the warmth, but we’re blasting through water during a drought. C’mon…

  11. Turn lights off when you’re not using them.  This one should be easy, but we’re lazy.  Let’s make the effort.

Home Improvement Stores in El Sobrante

El Sobrante, California’s nearest big-box home improvement store is the Home Depot in Hercules, just a five-mile jaunt up the freeway along the coast. The community of El Sobrante is home to several well-stocked hardware stores, however, where the home tinkerer will find most everything he needs for a repair or remodeling project. Try Oliver’s Ace Hardware at 4071 San Pablo Dam Road (510-233-4450); and Arny Waxman, another hardware store, located at 6890 Monte Verde Road in El Sobrante (510-222-0480). Several specialty shops, such as El Sobrante Supreme Garage Doors at 4440 San Pablo Dam Road (510-224-3761), also make their home in town.

Prominent Contractors in El Sobrante

Surprisingly, builders and contractors abound in the small community of El Sobrante, California. Most of them are located near the I-80 Bikeway, a major local thoroughfare also known as Sobrante Avenue and Appian Way. There are a number of specialists, such as Gallino Landscaping (510-222—9273); Plumbing Express, Inc. at 5017 Appian Way (510-758-5325); Tri City Fence Company, Inc., at 4849 Appian Way (510-444-2800); Steven’s Roofing, at 4313 Santa Rita Road (510-222-6887); and Asap Electric, a contractor at 6022 Sunhill Circle (510-367-3711). General contractors include The East Bay Handyman, located at 130 Renfrew Court (510-260-9593); and FBN Construction, at 4336 Santa Rita Road (510-223-4945).

El Sobrante is located at the west corner of Contra Costa County, along the San Francisco bay. It has a population of just 12,000 (2000 census) and covers just 3.1 square miles. Since 1000 BC, the area was inhabited by an indigenous tribe of Indians called the Huchiun but they were forcefully converted to Christianity by Spanish missionaries in the 1770s. Most died during that process. The missionaries maintained the area thereafter and one of the land grants was called Rancho El Sobrante which later became modern day El Sobrante.

All American Hauling offers full services in the El Sobrante area including garbage and junk removal, removal of your demolition project debris, and general clean-up services. Please contact us for a free estimate. We answer our phone and are happy to discuss the specifics of your situation right away.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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If you need junk removal or hauling services in El Sobrante, I’ve got multiple reasons why you’d want to use All American Hauling for your garbage and waste removal needs.

First All American can handle just about everything and we won’t leave you with a mess. Whether it’s old furniture, post-construction clean-up, broken appliances, yard waste or garage trash outs, we’ll take it all! No leaving you with a mess on your hands. Even if it takes multiple rides and loads, we’ll clear it out for you.

Second, our prices are right. We have the most cost effective hauling rates in town. Not only are our trucks huge and capable of taking most loads in one shot, but we don’t charge for space we’re not using. If your junk only takes up so much space, you pay only for the space used. El Sobrante residents are sharp and know good prices when they see them. If you live in El Sobrante, take a look at these hauling prices!

Third, we’re experts in hauling and waste removal. You can rest assured we’re going to be timely, professional, and customer focused. If you’ve read our reviews on other sites or have heard about us from a friend, you know we’re the best out there. You can be good, but you’ll never be the best if you don’t truly care about what you’re doing. It’s not pretty work, but we love it and we love our customers. We’re in it for our customers.

Fourth, we recycle. You can’t reasonably be in the garbage industry these days and not think or care enough about the environment to make changes that can make this world a better place. Most of us at All American Hauling have children. For our children and the children of El Sobrante, we recycle everything we can to keep our world healthy and clean.

In conclusion, there are plenty of hauling companies in El Sobrante, but if you want the best and most reliable hauling service around, call All American Hauling at 925-256-0187.