Emeryville Junk Removal

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About Emeryville

Emeryville, California sits in the beautiful geographical alley of about four miles that connects Berkeley to Oakland, along the shores of the San Francisco Bay. Two harbors and two islands are Emeryville’s next-door neighbors on the west, and the golden city of San Francisco is just minutes away via the famous Bay Bridge. This is a very small city of only about 10,000, surrounded by the giants of the nation’s West Coast, and convenient to all their abundant attractions. Emeryville is the host city to the mega-company called Pixar Animation Studios, and the region seems to draw software and biotech companies like a magnet.

Home Improvement Stores in Emeryville

All around little bitty Emeryville, California, one can find every type of vast home improvement store one might be needing, but within the city limits, there enough help to go around. There’s a Home Depot at 3838 Hollis Street (510-601-9400), and a great nursery and gardening store called Complete Garden Supply & Hydroponics at 4070 Halleck Street (510-601-6200. A couple of companies making their home in Emeryville sell specialized products for home improvement and construction. You can find Industrial Ladder & Scaffolding, for example, at 1212 Powell Street (510-653-0969) and Earth Source Forest Products at 1618 28th Street (510-547-7257).

Prominent Contractors in Emeryville

Emeryville, California is pretty well represented when it comes to contractors and construction companies. Try J.R. Drywall, located at 2828 Filbert Street #2 (510-985-0080); Bashland, Inc., at 1461 Park Avenue (510-652-5795); and Broadmore Builders, Inc., at 4053 Harlan Street (510-985-1800), to fulfill a wide range of construction needs. There’s also Fidelity Roof Company at 1075 40th Street (510-547-6330), who those in the know claim will appear practically the instant you call them; Pelco Distributors at 1550 Park Avenue (415-626-5822); Fisher Friedman Associates AIA at 1485 Park Avenue #103 (510-420-1666); and A.T.P. Plumbing at 3421 Hollis Street (510-928-8807).

Emeryville is a small city squeezed between Oakland and Berkeley in the San Francisco east bay region. The city borders the bay and is easily accessible by freeways and the bay bridge, making it a perfect community for large retail outlets including Toys R Us and the Home Depot. By attracting major retailers, Emeryville has become a major economic hub of the east bay. Although the population is less than 10,000 (2008 census), the city boasts such major corporations like LeapFrog, Bayer, Novartis (formerly Chiron), Jamba Juice and Pixar Animation Studios.

All American Hauling offers full services in the Emeryville area including garbage and junk removal, demolition and clean-up. Please contact us for a free estimate. We answer our phone and are happy to discuss the specifics of your situation right away.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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Garbage removal and hauling has become a popular business in the last decade. It’s popularity has in part grown because of the trash that our economy has arguably become. With so many people losing jobs and needing new sources of income, many have looked for affordable ways to go into business without also going into debt. For many, the answer has been junk hauling and waste removal.

Essentially to start a hauling service, all you really need is a truck, a little muscle, and some motivation. In Emeryville alone there are dozens of what I like to think of as micro-haulers or mom and pop hauling companies. Of course, these are often college students trying to earn a few extra bucks with dads old truck or some guy who thinks the job is easier than it actually is.

Hauling and professional waste removal services are simple in some regards, and without getting into the nitty gritty of it all, there are important legal aspects that need to be recognized and laws that must be abided by. Often an amateur hauler can breeze past these for quite some time before getting caught or simply needing to conform for tax and or liability purposes. This usually happens when one of two things happen:

  1. The business begins to grow and take off and it becomes time to get legitimate.

  2. They get caught doing something wrong and are fortunate enough to be given a second chance.

When choosing a hauling company, I suggest going with somebody reputable like All American Hauling. Not only are their prices going to be fair (though possibly slightly higher than the no-names), but it’s easier to know who and what you’re dealing with. For example, take a look at All American Hauling’s Yelp page.

Remember, you’ll be allowing these people into your home or living are very often. For some it may be their workspace where any number of valuable items or sensitive data may be exposed. You don’t want some ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ hauler in there. If they were to do you wrong, you may find yourself without recourse. Be smart – if you live in Emeryville like myself, go with a hauling company you can trust – All American Hauling.