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About Oakland

Bustling center of the San Francisco Bay region and its major port, Oakland, California offers a splendid juxtaposition of the old and the new, the historic and the forward-thinking. Along with its position as the fifth busiest shipping port in the nation, the city is known for its vast ethnic diversity, its major league sports franchises and its political activist tendencies. Oakland is situated directly across the beautiful San Francisco Bay, via the Bay Bridge, from San Francisco. Possessing a beautiful climate that can be fairly labeled Mediterranean, Oakland ranks number one in the nation for its renewable resources policies when it comes to electricity usage.

Home Improvement Stores in Oakland

With a population of nearly 400,000, Oakland offers a plethora of home improvement stores and repair and decoration centers to help local residents create the best possible living conditions to enjoy for generations. The Home Depot store that services Oakland is located at 4000 Alameda Avenue on the north end of town, where I-80 and I-880 converge (510-533-7379). Other such establishments within the Oakland city limits include Sincere Home DΓ©cor at 258 11th Street (510-832-2838), American Emperor Corporation (a grand-style hardware store) at 119 10th Street (510-832-8888), and Laurel Ace Hardware at 4024 MacArthur Boulevard (510-530-1966), one of the familiar Ace Hardware family stores.

Prominent Contractors in Oakland

Anyone in the city of Oakland looking for contractors will not have long to search. Companies such as Dan Martinez Construction at 484 Lake Park Avenue (510-893-0485), Fuhrman Construction at 6481 Colton Boulevard (510-708-9697) and Lorick Construction and Design at 5052 Woodminster Lane (510-336-2508) all offer a vast spectrum of services and expertise, and are all five-star contractors on the internet. Others who rank at the same level include Turner Group Construction, at 1625 Filbert Street (510-835-0400); Home Evolution in East Oakland (510-207-4425); and Pacifica Construction, located at 1601 Myrtle Street (510-917-6089), in the West Oakland sector.

Oakland is directly across the bay from San Francisco and serves as a major center, not only for restaurants and shopping but also for shipping and the large Oakland port. The city has a population of 399,484 (2006), making it the 8th largest city in the state. It is connected to San Francisco by the Bay Bridge and contains many freeways including the 880, 580, 980, 80 and 24, making it one of the regions largest transportation thoroughfares.

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Our environment is in danger. All the things that we use and consume have a negative impact on our planet. What can we do prevent more damage? Live a sustainable life.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that chooses to reduce the dependence on earth’s natural resources. Common practitioners of sustainable living aim to minimize their carbon footprint through various means including finding alternatives to energy consumption and transportation.

Recycling, conserving energy and water, and planting vegetables in the backyard are just examples of sustainable living. With that, we can reduce the use of man-made resources like plastics and use less oil.

Oil or fossil fuel is a tremendous source of energy but using fossil fuels is also a huge source of pollution. Most of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels burn, they emit toxins which are dangerous and increase carbon dioxide emissions. If we have more carbon dioxide than oxygen, we’ll die of suffocation.

Plastics also come from oil. Because of this, plastics can take 100-500 years to decompose. Try and imagine the tons of plastics thrown everyday and how our planet will look in only 100 years. We’ll likely be gone, but all the plastic that was ever produced in our lifetimes will still be here. Now multiply that by 5. It’s a frightening thought.

One of the goals of sustainable living is to minimize the use of these things. To lessen the reliance on the power grid, we use solar panels and wind turbines. These generate power using a free and almost limitless source of fuel: the sun and the wind.

The other approach, is to minimize trash. Plastics are top contributors of trash. Every day we throw tons and tons of plastics into landfills.

How can we practice sustainable living at home?
Sustainable living is not as hard as it sounds. Here are some tips:

Begin by reducing your trash. To reduce trash means that we have to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce trash by carefully thinking what needs to be thrown out, and what we can still use.
Reuse what we can by repairing, or creating new uses for old items, like making flower pots out of cans of spaghetti, old clothing into rags, and glass bottles for vases.

Recycling bottles, cans and paper by sending these trash items to recycling centers allows them to become material for new items.

Bigger things like appliances, mattresses, or old furniture can be disposed of by calling a garbage removal service. These companies will do the recycling for you.

Living a sustainable life is easier than it appears and becomes quite natural following a little practice. What our environment needs is the realization that we need to change our conventional way of life.

Since Oakland, California began their sustainable living effort in 2000, they have recycled 700,000 tons of cans, bottles, magazines, junk mail, paper, cardboard and other biodegradable materials. With that, they have conserved natural resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. If they can, why can’t you?