Pittsburg Junk Removal

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About Pittsburg

Pittsburg, California is a mid-sized city of around 64,000, beautifully situated on the waters of San Francisco’s East Bay waters. Pittsburg falls within the eastern sector of Contra Costa County, and has good access to nearby Concord, Martinez, Antioch, Berkeley and Oakland via a web of freeways that wend their way through several regional parks. Pittsburg itself is just north of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve and enjoys the presence of Browns Island Regional Shoreline, a green island immediately off the Pittsburg coast. The city’s development in heavy industry and coal mining has shaped much of its character and history.


Pittsburg Disposal Service (formerly Mt Diablo Recycling)

Most people don’t realize that right downtown, next to the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce is Pittsburg Disposal Services.  They are the provider of our local recycling, waste removal, and compostable debris.   They don’t provide hauling or junk removal (that’s our job), but they do manage the everyday pickup and disposal of residential, apartment, and business waste needs.

Some of the smart tips we recommend for reducing waste include:

  • Stop delivery of junk mail by use of the following sites:

    • http://www.directmail.com/mail_preference/

    • https://www.catalogchoice.org/

    • https://www.yellowpagesoptout.com/

  • Recycle old paint at the Delta Diablo HHW Collection Facility

  • Begin Composting and create a healthier garden while minimizing your carbon footprint!

Home Improvement Stores in Pittsburg

Pittsburg, California, sometimes referred to as New York of the Pacific, offers a good selection of local home improvement stores. Following along Highway 4 to the west of town, one will come upon many other opportunities. There’s a Home Depot at 2300 North Park Boulevard (925-473-1900), as well as quite a few good hardware stores, such as Pittsburg Ace Hardware at 125 East Leland Road (925-432-6089). California Expanded Metals is also located in Pittsburg, as is the big supplier called Ferguson Plumbing and Industrial. Pittsburg Winnelson Co. is another large hardware and plumbing supply source that makes their home in Pittsburg.

Prominent Contractors in Pittsburg

Many of the local contractors in Pittsburg, California are located just off the California Delta Highway at the southern end of town. There you will find such helpful companies as A & E Professional Hauling and Cleaning, at 2200 Freed Way, Suite A (925-727-5000); Jack O. Sundberg & Associates, a dry wall contractor at 670 Garcia Avenue (925-252-1105); Ben Franklin Plumbing, at 2201 Harbor Street (925-427-6631); and Pacific Coast General Engineering, Inc., a general contractor located at 2575 Railroad Avenue (925-432-9717). R.J. Enrico Company, Inc. is a pipe line contractor located in the heart of the city at 368 East 10th Street (925-439-3240), and Steward Heating and Air (925-427-5522) can be found in that neighborhood too.

At the time it was formed, Pittsburg was referred to as New York of the Pacific. The land was originally purchased by Jonathan Stevenson in 1849. Later, it became a port for coal mining and was referred to as Black Diamond, named after the coal company located there. The name was changed to Pittsburg in 1911 and the community now has over 60,000 residents. It’s located in eastern Contra Costa County and has one BART station and a 2-year community college called Los Medanos College.

All American Hauling offers full services in the city of Pittsburg and would be happy to provide an immediate estimate for your hauling and garbage removal needs.  Give Bryan a call (the phone number is listed at the top of the page) to discuss the specifics of your situation.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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As a long time resident of Contra Costa County, and most recently a Pittsburg homeowner, I am conflicted about the reputation that Pittsburg has developed in the last decade. First off, as a resident and homeowner in this city, I want the very best for it. I believe Pittsburg is a great little city with tons of potential, but I also see the challenges it faces.

Unfortunately both Pittsburg and Antioch have reputations for crime and other ugly and misguided pursuits of youth (not that every wrong-doing is committed by youths). This is a problem I believe can be changed in a matter of years if our city can find a way to come together as residents, business owners, parents and the youth to take pride in the city we call home.

One of the easiest places where I believe education and leadership have the potential to make a positive difference in our community (and the world for that matter) is in some basic manners. As children we’re taught to “clean up after ourselves”. This is a theme that in so many households across America is so common it becomes cliche. Still, in almost every city in the country, we can look around and see that the message is not getting through to everybody.

Trash in the streets, cigarette butts in gutters, plastic bags and bottles clogging sewer drains…. all of this is evidence that many people just don’t care. Pride and caring go hand in hand and to illustrate my meaning, I offer a case in point:

I live in one of Pittsburg’s nicer neighborhoods, and one of my neighbors down the street is a 17 year old boy that I’ll call Jose (not his real name). Jose recently bought his first car which he paid for with much of his own money, and some from his parents. Every weekend I see him out there in the driveway cleaning, waxing and detailing that car. I admired the care he took, but one afternoon when he was finished and was driving off I was stunned to see an empty Gatorade bottle fly out his window into the street.

For all the pride and care he took in his car, the street he lives on may as well have been a trash can to him. That’s when I realized if we’re to keep our cities clean and waste free, we need to begin taking pride in our cities. I can guarantee Jose has no trash on the floor of his car because he takes such immense pride in it. He would never liter it like he did the street he was driving on.

Changing the view of our home as a trash can and junk receptacle to place of cleanliness, pride and beauty begins at home. It extends next to the places we spend our time – schools, work, social outlets. When we start promoting recycling, green living, waste management and other such positive means of garbage disposal, we’ll not only begin changing our cities reputation for the better, we’ll be making an impact on the entire planet.