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About San Ramon

One of the four most heavily populated of all the many cities in California’s contra Costa County, San Ramon turned in a 2012 population estimation count of just over 74,000. Headquarters of many well-known corporate offices, San Ramon has attracted such heavyweights as Chevron Corporation and 24-Hour Fitness. The city is also AT&T, Inc.’s headquarters on the West Coast. San Ramon is close to many verdant wilderness, state park and regional recreational areas, and there are lots of great campgrounds within a radius of five to ten miles. Golf courses abound in this charming community, as well.

Home Improvement Stores in San Ramon

San Ramon, California has its own Home Depot, located at 2750 Crow Canyon Road (925-838-0194). All Home Depots are not created alike, but this one is one of the good ones. Other good choices in San Ramon are Orchard Supply Hardware, to be found at 1041 Market Place (925-275-1670); The Cabinet Center, at 2023 San Ramon Valley Boulevard (925-855-0470); B&C Garage Door Company, Inc., at 211 Escobar Place (925-846-1372); All American Glass & Shower, at 2211 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Auite A (925-820-1748); and Sunset Painting & Decorating, at 2308 Crestfield Drive (925-487-3085).

Prominent Contractors in San Ramon

Plenty of excellent builders, contractors and suppliers are located within the boundaries of San Ramon, California. You might try American Home Remodel & Repair, at 2220 Tahiti Drive (925-915-1776); Luke Construction, at 114 Pebble Place (925-829-3482); or Samurai Paver Systems in San Ramon (925-984-3745). Each of these contractors has garnered top five-star reviews online for their business practices. Other fine providers include Popescu Construction, at 403 Santander Drive in San Ramon (510-388-8191); Shafer Construction & Development (Ron and Gus), located at 101 Instar Circle (9295-899-8161); and Protera, who can be found at 2603 Camino Ramon (925-200-2768).

San Ramon is located in California at the south end of Contra Costa County. It has a population of approximately 60,000 and was named Tree City USA in 2001. San Ramon is a quickly growing community and is home to Pacific Bell (later SBC and now AT&T), Chevron and 24-Hour Fitness. It’s also home to Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. According to the census, San Ramon has 23,600 households with a median income of $95,856.

All American Hauling services the San Ramon community with all of its standard services including garbage and junk removal, commercial debris, demolition, clean-up projects and standard waste removal. If you have garbage that needs to be removed, call us to discuss the details and get an immediate estimate over the phone.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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Living here in San Ramon, it’s easy to forget that there are vast, sprawling worlds of waste out there. Trash fields so wide and deep, they can almost be considered countries of their own. Factories too sit on tremendous plots of acreage. …and what happens when garbage and factories come together to work for the good of our world?…

Garbage, incredibly, can be so much more than its name suggests. The words garbage, trash and refuse only make us think of useless, smell…. garbage. The surprising thing is that as we move toward the future garbage is becoming more and more useful. It turns out that for the past four decades garbage has been used as a fuel, but on a limited (very limited) basis.

This push began in 1973 and today there are 16 “resource recovery” plants throughout the U.S. converting trash into energy. There are more than a dozen under construction and still more that are in earlier stages of planning.

Without getting into the details, these plants are taking hundreds of tons of trash and converting them into power packed pellets which can supply the equivalent of hundreds of tons of coal every day! Not only is this a spectacular way to recycle, but doing so is also profitable. More and more companies are rushing to get their share of the “trash pie”. Essentially the move is toward synthetic fuels in place of oil.

As advancements in this waste-to-energy movement progress, a new system called CEA has arisen. CEA begins by powdering trash. Can you imagine!? Powdered trash! This part of the process allows the metal portions of the trash to be separated from the rest which is heavily composed of cellulose. This remaining material is processed and stored before it has the opportunity to decompose, thus it retains it’s energy packed nature.

While the process does seem to be very promising and has been proven successful, it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. The cost of building one of these plants is in the area of $50 million dollars. Plus most homeowners and communities aren’t wild about the idea of a massive plant near their homes. Finding plots of land to support such an enormous plant can be like finding a needle in the junkyard.

Hopefully trash conversion methods like this can make the world a little more like beautiful San Ramon, everywhere.