Walnut Creek Junk Removal

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About Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, California may fairly be considered one of the important hubs for entertainment and business venues among the many small to mid-sized Contra Costa County cities that surround it. With a population nearing 65,000 in the 2010 census, Walnut Creek is nearly encircled by state parks and green spaces, and the beautiful waters of Suisun Bay, an East San Francisco Bay inlet, are only about ten miles due north from the city. Site of the Pac-12 Conference headquarters, Walnut Creek made it onto the 2012 list of Ten Best Places to Retire in the United States, compiled by U.S. News and Money Watch, from CBS.


Located here in Walnut Creek at 1850 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Ste. 320, RecycleSmart is the solid waste authority for Contra Costa County. They’re the ones who manage the blue recycling dumpsters you’ll find at many multi-unit housing complexes and businesses, and they can provide you (if you don’t already have one) with a home version if needed. The blue bins accept most types of standard recyclables including glass, plastics, and paper, but be careful to avoid common non-recyclable items as shown below:

  1. Ceramic Dishes

  2. Disposable Diapers

  3. Drinking Glasses

  4. Facial Tissues

  5. Paper Towels, Napkins, Paper Plates, Paper Cups (Food Contaminates Paper Recycling)

  6. Plastic Utensils

  7. Plastic Hangers

  8. Metal Hangers

  9. Metal Pain Cans

  10. Mirror or Window Glass

  11. Q-Tips

  12. Sanitary Napkins

  13. Styrofoam (including Packaging Materials)

RecycleSmart is an outstanding local resources beyond being a mere provider of recycling services.  They also provide guidance and resources for:

Residential homeowners, property managers overseeing multi-unit housing complexes, and business owners, can all easily find their answers to most of their recycling questions here.

Home Improvement Stores in Walnut Creek

Plenty of excellent home improvement venues are available right inside Walnut Creek’s city limits. Try Ace Hardware, which has not one, but two Walnut Creek locations (9295-705-7500 and 925-935-6500); a design center called Entrez! Open House (925-906-0177); Crate & Barrel (925-947-3500); and Eames Hardware & Supply (925-975-0515); all reliable Walnut Creek home improvement suppliers with great online reviews. Build-Tek, Inc. (925-937-6422); Pier 1 Imports (925-946-91443), Walnut Creek Hardware (925-705-7500); Christiansen Fasteners, Inc. (925-932-8399); Altera Design & Remodeling, Inc. (925-938-1100); Belmont Hardware (925-256-4341); General Plumbing Supply Co, Inc. (925-939-4622), are also worth a call.

Prominent Contractors in Walnut Creek

Contractors and building consultants abound in Walnut Creek, California. There’s Step by Step Home Improvement at 1996 North Main Street (925-324-0438), general contractors with a specialization in kitchen remodeling; Keen for Green, at 1990 North California Boulevard (925-300-4223); David R. Carney Company at 1990 North California Boulevard (925-938-5550); RBF Consulting at 500 Ygnacio Valley Road, #300 (925-906-1460). More likely listings include Greenhaus Construction, allocated at 1990 North California Boulevard, #810 (415-889-9760); Integrity Builders and Investments, Inc., at 2063 North Main Street (925-766-6403); Harrison Tile Company at 2235 North Main Street (925-937-52990); and Water Well Drilling & Pump Services at 1309 Pine Street (925-952-7965).

Walnut Creek is located in California where Highway 24 meets Interstate 680.  It is a major cultural and economic hub in Contra Costa county and is home to more than 65,000 people.  Walnut Creek boasts a vibrant downtown with premium shopping, lots of restaurants and the beautiful Dean Lesher Center for the Arts.

All American Hauling is based in Walnut Creek.  We have been in business for over 16 years and are a leading hauling company in the region, offering comprehensive garbage and junk removal services at the best rates available.  We would be happy to discuss the details of your project and will give you an immediate cost estimate right over the phone.

All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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Hauling and Junk removal services are much like the wizard behind the curtain. Services like these and your everyday garbage man are so vital to the health of every city across America and yet these ordinary workers and laborers are given so little credit. They’re the men and women behind the curtain. Day in and day out, they perform hard laborious work that most people would run and cower from. Meanwhile we barely recognize them until….

Until the day we really need them. This day comes for different reasons for everybody. For some like Samuel it’s because the office they work for is remodeling and the boss suddenly wants the place practically gutted. Despite not being part of his job description it’s suddenly Samuel’s responsibility as the new manager to clean it and remove everything, and how in the world you wonder, is he going to do that?

For others, such as Cynthia of Walnut Creek, who discovered her fiancee and partner for 5 years was cheating on her while living in her house, she couldn’t throw his stuff out of the windows fast enough. Cynthia was going mad at the sight of anything ‘his’ and wanted it all out of her sight before he came home that evening. What could she do?

And when the local HOA got on Ted’s case for leaving the heaps of his deck renovation on his lawn, how was he to escape the fines they were threatening?

The answer of course is simple: All of these people solved their problem with professional hauling services. Professional haulers and junk removal services can usually come the same day, and load and haul all your junk in short time. They’re fast, efficient and affordable, and at the end of the day, they may not be giving you a massage, but they’ve sure resolved a headache for you.