Pleasant Hill Junk Removal

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About Pleasant Hill

A prominent member of the East San Francisco Bay and Contra Costa County regions in California, Pleasant Hill is home to a population of approximately 34,000 souls. Only recently incorporated in 1961, Pleasant Hill, California lives up to its name with room to spare. The climate in this area is mild, with very few extremes below the forties or above one hundred degrees. Downtown Pleasant Hill only recently came into being, thanks to a development company who built a shopping center. This mall, worth a visit, resembles an iconic small-town American Main Street, with all the nostalgic trimmings.

Recycling & Composting

Pleasant Hill Recycling Center, actually located in Concord at 1320 Galaxy Way, is endorsed by Contra Costa County Waste Reduction & Recycling.  Being the small, cozy and intimate city it is, P-Hill residents have a history of taking care of their community.  Recently the Pleasant Oaks Park Community Center was completely renovated and much of the material from the original demolition was separated for recycling.   Below is a picture of Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park, much of it made with recycled materials and smart water use. 

Aside from local and government recycling, composting is becoming a very popular way to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint.
Through Republic Services (Garbage Collection Service of Pacheco), Pleasant Hill residents may now request green composting bins which can be used for food scraps, yard waste, and most biodegradable materials, both processed and organic. Compost is collected by Republic Services and is put to use in various soil enrichment programs. You can learn more about composting, including what is compostable and how to apply compost at home, by calling Annette Kaufmann at 925-671-5265 to sign up for a class, and requesting your bin.  Learn more.

Home Improvement Stores in Pleasant Hill

Many of the abundant home improvement stores in Pleasant Hill, California can be found along the city’s major thoroughfare, Contra Costa Boulevard. Eames Hardware & supply (925-97599-0515) and Kelly-Moore Paint Store (925-686-3699) are at the top of the list, with J & M Fasteners (925-932-4484) and Rockler Woodworking and Hardware (925-521-1800) right behind them. Bill’s Ace Hardware (925-682-5000), Harbor Freight Tools (925-689-7235), Marks Paint Mart (925-405-0271), Lamps Plus 9925-687-6723) and TAP Plastics, Inc. (925-798-0420) also pull together to provide for the community’s local building supply, hardware and home improvement needs.

Prominent Contractors in Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill, California is home to a good collection of construction, remodeling and home improvement contractors of every sort. Dino’s Contracting can be found at 241 St. Germaine Lane, Silva Contractors is at 1737 Shirley Drive, and IT Construction Associates Network is at 25 Crescent Drive. Many local contractors specialize, lucky for the people who live there. You can find Mr. Drain Plumbing Pleasant at 25 Crescent Drive #A179, Azzi Electric at 25 Crescent Drive, Tub World at 25A Crescent Drive, Craig Fencing at 100 Gregory Lane, Bay Area Bathrooms at 91 Gregory Lane, and Seismic Installations at 25 Crescent Drive #A.

Pleasant Hill is located in California along Interstate 680, just north of Walnut Creek and west of Concord.  The city has a small town charm but also boasts a vibrant downtown with restaurants, movie theatres and shopping.  It is also home to Diablo Valley College (DVC) and the main campus of John F. Kennedy University.

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All American Hauling is a leading yard clean-up removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area Trash Removal and, in particular, the East Bay region in Contra Costa County. We do both commercial and residential hauling jobs and provide FAST professional quality service at very competitive rates. Call us today to discuss your project and get an immediate estimate over the phone!

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I have a cousin (and her husband) living in Pleasant Hill, who’s home is neat, tidy, clean and organized, but don’t go in the garage! The garage is stacked floor to ceiling with anything and everything. Old computers, workout equipment, boxes of random junk, and anything else you can think of. There are narrow passageways throughout these stacks of random items. Essentially the garage is useless.
It has become an in-home landfill.

To me, this situation is incredibly sad. My cousins paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for this home and their compulsion to hoard all this stuff (what to me is essentially garbage) has completely eliminated the use of one of the key components of their home. The garage is for storing your car and other items that really don’t quite fit into other rooms or areas of the home.

To stockpile the garage with garbage is not only a terrible waste of money and home-space; it’s also a functional waste. Functionally the garage can be so many things for people. For many it becomes a home gym, for others it acts as an automotive repair center, but for most it’s where a homeowners automobiles are stored.

The garage in question is a two-car size and at this point in time could not fit a motorcycle. It is so severely overcrowded with useless junk, that it may as well not even exist.

The ironic thing is that for years my cousin has talked about how he wants to sell all that stuff on Craigslist. He seems to think a couple good garage sales will earn him some good cash and put a good use to all the miscellaneous junk stacked so neatly in his home. He believes that everything in there has real value (and it may to the right person), but sitting there gathering dust it is actually only devaluing his home.

I fully believe that were he to hire a hauling company and have them remove all the garbage and “great stuff” he’s got in his garage, assuming he closes his eyes to the process, he and his wife would be much happier. They would feel like the weight of all that trash has been lifted from their shoulders and they would breathe easier and again be allowed the use of this massive and unused portion of the home they paid so much to have in the first place.